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for them as well as a civil penalty. >>> this week the obama administration will face more pressure to reveal how many people signed up online for health care coverage. it's a question republicans are asking after the troubled roll-out of a new web site. the site -- the application, enrollment system went down. the secretary of health and human services kathleen is a deal use will appear on wednesday. >>> a spanish newspaper saying the u.s. spied on more than 60 million phone calls in spain in one month alone. suzanne mcguinness has the latest on the first round of headaches, also the strained relations between the u.s. and its allies. >> a european union delegation in d.c. this morning to meet with white house aids, members of congress. they're expressing outrage at reports the nsa has been eavesdropping on as many as 35 world leaders. >> think repair work to do. think have hard questions need to ask of the nsa about what's happening in this program. >> reporter: the visit comes on the heels of a new revelation from a german newspaper, which says the nsa listened in on german chan
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's the same thing except i said it two weeks before he was immacklated. for the same reasons he gave on obama care, i said i would the whole kitten caboodle to bomb out. >> now, rooting against obama care according to to rush is the same thing as rooting for the president to fail. now, cynthia, in a funny way, do you agree with limbaugh? >> well, yes. i mean, this is president obama's signature piece of legislation. if it did not work effectively, it would certainly tarnish his legacy. but let's look beyond that rb reverend al. what about the millions of americans who have no health care at the moment? is there absolutely no concern for them? you know, it is clear that the only thing that unites the republican party is hating obama and trying to destroy his presidency. but if millions of americans get hurt while they're trying to destroy obama, that's fine too. you know, when mitch mcconnell made his earliest remarks and when rush limbaugh made his earliest remarks, that was 2009. when the country was still in the depths of a recession, employment in some states was 10% and 11%. and the very
, but still you need to have a critical mass in order for this to work. i think for democrats pushing on obama, i think that's probably a good thing. you know, last week richard blumenthal was on your show, you know, really issuing quite a tough warning to the white house about this. i think it's because democrats paid a pretty big price in 2010 for obama care. they lost the house. and i think democrats going into the midterms who are running in 2014 want to run on a success. they want people to have -- as carl said, they want people to have health care. they want to be able to show that this works. >> kathleen sebelius has been in the middle of this, carl, and is going before that committee on wednesday. what does she have to say? what can she do? >> i'm not in the -- giving cabinet secretaries advice. what has to be done is a show of recovered competence, and this has not been a very competent rollout. the president of the united states ought to be saying, look, we have screwed up in terms of how we have rolled this thing out. we're going to learn from it. but let's not be defeated, and let'
in 2010. the paper quoted the source as saying obama did not stop the operation. nearly a week ago, german government officials said u.s. intelligence agency may have monitored merkel's mobile phone. she called the president to demand an explanation. >> translator: i told him that tapping is a clear violation of law. >> reporter: president obama has been denying he knew about the operation. his press secretary is appealing for calm. >> the president assured the chancellor that the united states is not monitoring, and will not monitor the communications of the chancellor. >> reporter: but it did in the past. german weekly magazine "der spiegel" reported the u.s. likely monitored merkel's mobile phone for more than a decade, from 2002 to around june this year. back in 2002, merkel was an opposition leader. french newspaper "lemonde" says american agents also tapped the phone of politicians, business leaders and citizens. european leaders expressed anger over the eavesdropping allegations of their recent summit. u.s. citizens are also concerned about the spying. over the weekend, nearly 1,000
have been killed as a result of drone strikes. in washington this week for a meeting for president obama pakistan's prime minister naw az sharif has under scored the concern. >> i would therefore stress the need for an end to drone attacks. >> reporter: at the heart of it is accountability. critics say the obama administration is not open about how drones are used, where they are used in places like yemen and how targets are chosen. >> the most challenging situation we had to face was the complete and utter secrecy of the u.s. authorities. because of that we cannot be 100% certain, but we are extremely concerned that these and other killings documented in our report may constitute war crimes . >> it is a hard factor that drone strikes have resulted in civilian casualties. a risk in every war. for the families of those civilians no words or legal construct can justify their loss. >> reporter: president obama tried to clarify his drone warfare policy in a major speech on national security last spring. he acknowledged civilian casualties but said the u.s. does all it can to mitigate t
announcing it is granting a six week extension until march 31st for americans to sign up for obama care and avoid penalties. now, the extension was expected since h.h.s. said they planned to do it as technical problems continue to plague the web site. also tonight, many young americans, they are laughing at obama care. so what makes you think they would buy insurance on the exchanges if they are busy laughing at it and, if they don't, you tell me, where are we going to get the money? >> we're probably just overloaded with traffic, millions of americans are visiting, which is great news. unfortunately, the site was only designed to handle six users at a time. >> secretary sebelius and her comments, she is already the laughing stock of america. >> i have a number of friendly tips to help you deal with those technical problems. for example, have you tried restarting your computer? >> why didn't she know that the president's signature legislation was, in fact, in trouble? >> the incompetence in building this web site is staggering. >> we don't need the government running our
you very much for your time. >>> the affordable care act also known as obama care, is barely limping along three weeks after it was first rolled out. technical glitches are still crippling the federal website to sign up for health plans. plus, lots of finger-pointing this week at a congressional hearing on the problem. here in california a customized system set up by the state called cover california has been earning higher marks. it's running more smoothly than the federal system, and people are enrolling. tonight obama care under the microscope. we take a deeper look to find out what went wrong, what works, and what still needs to be done. for analysis, we're joined by sarah barney, keiser health news reporter, josh richmond, bay area news reporter, and lisa, kqed health editor. sarah, i want to begin with you. what are the current technical problems, and why are they happening? >> so this is obviously a massive system. it has to talk to the irs. it has to talk to individual insurers. it has to talk to individual medicaid systems. it has to collect an extraordinary amount of data.
hill this week. web site has undergone a make over. the image of a woman known as obama care girl has been replaced by a graphic. president obama's social media operation fell victim to hackers. links april yeerg on the twitter feed and facebook page redirected users to a graphic video reportedly produced by syrian electric >> well, doctor convicted in the death of michael jackson is out of jail. >> if you weren't so ignorant, you would know he was not convicted of murder. >> the exchange overshadowed an uneventful release from jaichl he slipped out of the back door, out of sight of reporters. he served two years of a four year sentence fog causing the death by providing him with an overdose of an anesthetic. >> he had 20 years of service as a physician. he was given a maximum term and they didn't let him out a minute early. >> he is appealing his conviction and seeking to have his license reinstated. an attorney for the late singer's mother released a statement, we hope he can never practice medicine again and will not hurt another patient. >> penn state paying $60 million. the schoo
started swarming all over our exchange, all over our toll free lines, and in about four weeks, we've had over 300,000 kentucky yaian trying to sign up for obama care -- >> mostly medicaid, though. it's not young people getting the insurance plans to really make this system work, correct? >> of the 26,000, 21,000 are in medicaid, 5,000 are in qualified health plans, but we've got another 10,000 going onto the plans that are in the process of choosing. you know, it's a lot quicker to get somebody enrolled in medicaid once you find out they're eligible. when you go to the plans, they've got to look at all the details and pick the plans that they want. you know, this is working in kentucky. we had and have some of the worst health statistics in the country. and it's been that way for generations. the only way we're going to get ourselves out of the ditch is some transformational tool. that's what the affordable care act is going to do for us. >> how frustrated are you at the troubled rollout at the federal level which is impacting, what, 36 states that have not set up their own exchanges? >>
'll read the best ones at the end of the program. >>> conservative xhen taters have been bashing obama care for a long time. but this week, it was the washington press core that led the rollout. >> the problem here is that it's one false promise after another and that could be a big problem. >> that's just like after katrina, the big problem president bush had was to say, hey, way to go, brownie. maybe they were at war is a better analogy. >> katrina, a rock, that tells you all you need to know. and it seems tos can late after president obama promised to fix the program and recited that 800 number. >>> insurances led by the "new york times" and washington post have been unearthing more details of this fiasco. what do we make of this coverage? joining us now, lauren ashburn. kirsten powers, and alley holmes, anchor of real news on blaze tv. lauren ashburn, what explains this dramatic shift in the coverage of obama care? >> reporters have their fangs out now to use a halloween term because for two weeks of the government shutdown, that's what people were covering. meanwhile, this story was bu
the website with obama care because they have to justify why they shut down the government for weeks. john kasich when you interviewed him this morning said something very interesting. he said ohioans are not going to pay for the insurance in other states. we pay money for our federal taxes, we're going to get that back. you look at states like texas and texas is going to have all those texans paying for the insurance in california or in michigan? i don't think so. it's a great 2014 issue for both congress and for democrats running for governor. >> that's not the case. texas is not expanding their medicaid rolls. they're not giving them away because they're not expanding the rolls which is care cost for them, and you know the obama care only pays the bills for a short period of time. 90% but they don't pay the whole thing. again, you're asking people to expand the role of government, and in texas, they don't want to do that. they want to have private sectose sectors -- >> so they'll give those away. the texans pay those taxes. >> those tax dollars are not paying for obama care. >> let's no
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] my first guest tonight has been asking questions of jay carney all week about the obama care website which is getting answers -- well, that haven't been so easy. >> is secretary sebelius the responsible party? is she the quarterback for these mistakes? i understand contractors made mistakes but ultimately is the hhs secretary responsible? the president responsible? who in this administration is responsible. >> the president spoke clearly from the rose garden he is wholly unsatisfied. >> but is he responsible? >> i said, this is on us. and that goes from the president on down. >> well, please welcome fox chief white house correspondent ed henry. [ applause ] it's great to have you. >> good to be here. i feel like, what was that? a pup tent in a tornado? everybody inner heard that. >> just think of that. it doesn't end well, put it that way. as this website launch has not ended well, you have been relentless trying to get the white house to give some answers and become accountable for it. do you think that it's typical that it's always this contentious between the white house press cor
and a preview ahead of what could be a tough week for the obama administration. >> right now the ellis island museum is opening once again, seeing its first visitors since it was damaged by hurricane sandy last year.
week for the obama administration. >> right now the ellis island museum is opening once again, seeing its first visitors since it was damaged by hurricane sandy last year. hello, i'm wolf blitzer reporting today from washington. we start with the fallout over the latest revelations about spying at the nsa and tapping of world leaders' phones. the big question people are asking now is, what did the president know and when did he know it. i'm joined by chief national security kurt correspondent jim sciutto who has been covering the story. crux of the controversy is what. >> well, the crux right now is what did the preds know and when. there's some conflicting information out there. a german newspaper reporting he knew in detailed form in 2010 about this spying going up to and including angela merkel's cell phone. this is something the white house and nsa deny. "wall street journal" reports the president was only made aware of this last summer. conflicting at this point. neither answers is satisfying because either he didn't have enough oversight or he hasn't been entirely forthcoming. d
this week said president obama did not know about the technical problems until after the site's launch, in a statement she delivered from under the bus. >> right under the bus. more from snl a little later in the show. now let's turn to our distinguished guests to talk about this. joining me on set, jared bernstein. jim pethokoukis, a cnbc contributor. john bernstein, let me go to you first. i never like to say presidents lie. i like to say they're examples of huge cognitive dissonance, okay? they knew 65% would be cancelled, other parties say they thought 80% would be cancelled. that jives with our consultants that told us as many as 14 million to 16 million people will lose their insurance. why doesn't the president fess up to that? >> i have a hard time wrapping my head around those numbers. we know 85% of americans have health insurance right now. we're talking about 255 million people will health insurance. if you're talking about 10 million or 14 million who have plans that don't measure up to the standards of obama care, these plans do have to meet a certain level of care -- >>
said this week that president obama did not know about the's technical problems until after the launch, in a statement she delivered from under the bus. >> yes, when "saturday night live" makes your signature legislation a weekly punch line, that's never a good thing. and it could get worse as congress prepares to hold hearings tomorrow on the troubled rollout. bertha coombs with the latest on the as obama care turns saga. >> feels like a soap ra, doesn't it? house officials are holding daily briefings on but short on details. the federal data system was down much of sunday due to an outage provided by verizon's unit. it affected all of the states as well. now, on the conference call today, spokespersons for cms didn't say what caused the verizon server fail you're or how they're prooevening it from happening again. we don't know if it happened because of one of the fixes that tripped it up. last week testifying before congress, the contractor who built the federal hub, qssi, said it was working properly. on friday qssi was made general contractor in cha
it is granting a six week extension until march 31st for americans to sign up for obama care and avoid penalties. now, the extension was expected since h.h.s. said they planned to do it as technical problems continue to plague the web site. also tonight, many young americans, they are laughing at obama care. so what makes you think they would buy insurance on the exchanges if they are busy laughing at it and, if they don't, you tell me, where are we going to get the money? >> we're probably just overloaded with traffic, millions of americans are visiting, which is great news. unfortunately, the site
in 2009. so far president obama is yet to do a campaign event that was supposed to happen in the shut down, but shut down got in the way. could happen this weekend. hillary clinton will be raising money this week in california. kentucky senator rand paul will speak for ken cuccinelli. he has a libertarian on the ballot and this man in virginia is taking votes from cuccinelli more than mcauliffe which is why you see him wanting to be with rand paul. republicans hope to hang their hat on a big win in new jersey. the question is not whether kristi will win, but how big the margin will be and if his all but certain victory will allow him impressive results with younger voters, folks that have been voting democrat. the problem for the gop, he wants nothing to do with the national party. he is closing with the story that made him unbeatable where he was a rising republican star to a rising star. in an interview with the bergen record, he plays up the relationship with the president and defends himself after the storm against the house gop saying this. i would have given the president the exact s
start a new week here on "america's newsroom," i'm bill hemmer. good morning at home. martha: good morning everybody, i'm martha maccallum. the issues as we said continue today as the obama administration is scrambling to get this whole thing fixed. but top republicans say they think this may just be the beginning into the website was supposed to be the easy part of this. so i see actually this is just the tip of the iceberg or problems with bigger problems to come but the democrats i think are at a point of high anxiety. bill: that was senator barrasso from yesterday. sebelius is on the hot seat this week testifying on what has been an unmitigated disaster. jonah goldberg, leads our coverage, editor-at-large, "national review." good morning you to. you've been studying this over the weekend. another crash overnight. what happened this time? >> this is one of the contractors, the data services hub which provides information to the insurers and to other government agencies, it went dark and sent everything into a sail spin. they say they will try to fix it as quickly as possible. bi
and mexico. last week, we told you that the german head of government, angela merkel, called president obama to tell him to stop listening to her cell phone. late today, the chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee, dianne feinstein, said she is "totally opposed to spying on allies." well, no eavesdropping was required for u.s. officials to get an earful from european representatives in washington today. here's state department correspondent margaret brennan. >> reporter: members of the european parliament arrived for a closed-door meeting with house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers this morning. but the explanation they got did not satisfy germany's elmar brok who said the wiretapping of angela merkel's phone was a criminal act. >> if we have the feeling that your closest allies are spying on you, it's difficult to talk to such an ally in an open way anymore and i think we have to make a clear distinction between fighting together terrorism but not spying on friends. >> reporter: surveillance is a sensitive subject for germans, particularly for those who grew up in the eas
her by phone last week, he did not know anything. this morning, u.s. officials are claiming the obama administration ended the nsa operation that spied on merkel this past summer, as soon as they found out about it. we get more from have been cnn's chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. >> reporter: the newest edward snowden documents report more spying on america's closest allies. in spain the nsa reports listening in on 60 million phone calls in a single month and in germany a newspaper reports that president obama was briefed by nsa chief keith alexander about spying on german chance large angela merkel's calls back in 2010 and contradicting white house assurances that the president was not aware of the extent of the surveillance. the nsa quickly denied the report saying the following. nor has he ever discussed alleged operations involving merkel. the nsa's denial a clear step beyond the white house's willingness, up to now, only to deny present and future monitoring. >> i i can tell you that the president assured chancellor that the united states has not monitored and
of the obamacare -- when obama is in the air. will he be a good president? it is how he handles the next week. if he gets up what he fought for then he is finished. if republicans back to teddy roosevelt or even extend if he gives up i don't know what he has to show. this is big-time. i hope we get through this to respect the common fact in the end and not be to risk prone by the end of next week. think you for coming. [applause] >> 8q2 been directed for having me here. >> that was an endorsement of your buck if you are welcome back any time. >> i will stay as long as you do to sign the book. >> he has agreed to personalize. this is how it will work. he will sit here and first come first served. here is a line. >> if you are mafia above sore aficionado's it is
the biggest question in washington. whether the obama care website be fixed by the end of next month as now promised? >> come on, guys, we're going to church. >> this sermon focused on humility. after a week in which the president's signature should have been under relentless fire. >> the real critical issue is when it comes time to schedule your grand nor's cancer virge what will happen them. >> reporter: ohio's republican governor said he doesn't like obama care but he'll take $14 pl in mental health. >> i'm not going to ignore veterans or the working poor people on my watch. >> reporter: the governor of neighbors kentucky says his state's insurance exchange ask working just fine and had this advice for the naysayer. >> take a deep breath. this is a process. everyone wants a date to declare victory or defeat or success or failure and that's what this is all about. >> to drive home the message that the affordable care act will work, the white house will have the city cabinet officials and ten cities with the highest rates of the uninsured who stand to benefit from obama care. brian mooar,
and allies and the privacy concerns shared by americans and the citizens around the world. >>> last week it was revealed they had upon tored the phone of angela america kill, the german chancellor. there were reports that didn't know whether president obama knew they were spying on other nations. >>> there was a food recall over possible listeria contamination. >> it is recalling the ready to eat foods. including potato salad. and salsa. >> ham and beef projects. the beaver ton, oregon company said there are no reports of illness. customers can return the products for a refund or throw them away. >> the alameda district attorney is going to investigate a senior facility leaving patients to fend for themselves. >> sheriff's deputies found 14 patients abandoned after most of the staff walked out. >> a notice was on the door of the valley residential care from the department of social services ordering the site to be closed. >> now, they could face it elder abuse charges. >> we are talking about human beings here. how do you just abandon them. >> they spoke to the owner of the facility. he
. >> reporter: in some cases they will pay less because of the subsidies in obama care. >> tom coburn had a lot to say about. this more coming up in mid week. wendal, here's alisyn. >> we are joined by tom beven, executive of real clear politics. >> hi, alisyn. >> put aside the problems, but the sticker shock that people are experiencing. the la times talked about for middle-class californians, they are experiencing big price increases, why? >> good question. that piece we cared in real politics and got a lot of attention. you have putting aside the tech california glitches. those are the least of the administration's worries, because we have the sticker shock. you have middle-class americans now, those folks who are not going to receive subsidies they are finding out when they go on the web site or try to find coverage, they are going to be charged in some cases, 5, 10 times what they might normally pay. it is significant amount of money. and those stories are going to continue to be out there. >> it is not just california, but in california, average price increase is 30 percent for the premiu
this week seeking sense. they'll meet with u.s. government and intelligence officials overall gas stations of widespread spying by the national security agency against e.u. leaders. allegations that president obama approved spying on german chancellor angela merkel. >> i can tell you that the president assured the chancellor that the u.s. is not monitoring and will not monitor the communications of the chancell chancellor. >> reporter: and it's not just the european who is are upset. over the weekend thousands marched on washington to express their outrage. >> we're against mass surveillance and i'm truly honored to speak for all whistle blowers. >> reporter: the allegations threaten to disrupt foreign policies with u.s. allies. >> i think the revelation from snowdon and the secrets revealed are doing significant damage to our bilateral relationships with germany, with mexico, with the other countries where the suggestion is that we've listened in. >> reporter: but congressman peter king, the chairman of the house homeland security committee said america should stop apologizing. >> the rea
conducted in surveillance but some analysts and critics now wonder if president obama really was in the dark about these nsa tappings of other leaders. could this be part of a bigger pattern within his administration? recall last week dr. sanjay gupta asked health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius when the president knew about the debacle with the federal obama care website. >> do you know when he first knew that there was a problem? >> well, i think it became clear fairly early on. the first couple of days -- >> so not before that, though? not before october 1st? >> there is, one could argue, quite a difference between plausible deniability and being an absentee landlord. now, over the weekend, a german newspaper reported that the nsa may have been tapping angela merkel's phone for more than a decade, even before she became german chancellor. it may have been going on throughout president obama's whole first term without him knowing about it or finding out about it, but it actually would have started during the bush/cheney administration. earlier today i sat down with former vi
of warning about the train wreck that is obama care, it's upon us now, 50,000 people have enrolled successfully in the program in almost 3 weeks. this is an unmitigated disaster, the administration refuses to acknowledge that. although one of the sponsors senator max bacchus warned them of a train wreck and still they moved ahead. what happens next? >> as you say, we have been talking about this for four, five months. i was on your show and talked about the government accountability office telling us that this is not ready. it was not going to be ready. i'm really concerned obviously we're concerned about people not being able to get on in order to sign up. i'm worried about the security measures in this and if this is train wreck in just signing up i can't imagine what it's going to be like when we find out about people's personal information being stolen. i'm not confident at all where they need to be in that arena. >> nancy pelosi said it's a technical problem. horrifying to the minority leader it's also a program m mattic problem. they're stunned at what the premiums they'll be
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minister's visit to washington this week. he is seeking speedier delivery of u.s. weaponry, including drones and f-16 jets. the obama administration is asking congress to hold off on new sanctions against iran. at a white house meeting, top officials asked for the continued delay of the senate banking committee measure targeting iranian oil. the administration wants to stall the new sanctions pending the outcome of ongoing talks over iran's nuclear program. in an interview with voice of america, the lead u.s. negotiator on iran said she expects congress to ck it sanctions pause. >> we think this is a time for a pause to see if these to go shenzhen's can gain traction. congress has its prerogatives. we are hearing -- having very serious discussions. we work as partners with congress. i think they have been very as weant partners approach this because she asian we need them to continue to be effective partners to reach a successful conclusion. >> a new round of talks is set for next month in geneva. despite the white house called but to craddick and republican lawmakers have expressed s
likes. and i like that enthusiasm. i.t., can we get someone from i.t. in here. >> this week the administration will try its on reboot. sebelius will testify wednesday and also wednesday, president obama takes obama care on the road to massachusetts, a state that's been running insurance exchanges for half a decade. mass is sets the precedent that many in enrollment will spike the closer we get to the deadline. the irs says 330,000 americans are far enough into the process to find out how big of a subsidy they'll receive. a good indicator of how many people are signing up. but the site faced another glitch. data system that verifies applicant information crashed. 36 states using federal exchanges and the 14 states that run their own. >> friend of the show josh barrow is back, editor of business insider, he is a boston guy. perhaps the answer came from what the website needs is a pep talk from david ortiz, referring to nice pep talk that big papi was giving the guys in the dugout in the game that led to that winning the game. part of the problem i
week. qôt,àei leading voiceÑiñrñrñrñr of amerj t-%>xdÑi deepçóÑi downçó i belie everything isñrÑi opposed to getting republicans right. >>ñr hello again from fox news in washington. president obama ordered a techñ;su problems with the problems with the, but even individual mandate. beltway, a critic of theÑi president's health care law, louisiana governor bobby jindal,Ñ'i chair of the republican governors governor, welcome back to "fox newsÑi sunday." >> thank you for having me this morning. >> president obama's trouble-shooter onÑi the obamacare website says that the problemsÑi should be fixed by the end ofñr november. here he is. >> by the end of november, will work smoothly for the vast majority of users.Ñidk do you think that targetçó is?Ñi and is this -- howÑi big a problem do you think this is becoming for democrats? >> chris, i think they'll eventually fix the website. but let's remember, this is the easy part. the critical issue is when it comes time to schedule surgery, what's goingçó to happen then? i think this is symptoma
you, brian, for being here and to all of you. god bless. in will next week from fox news studios in new york, good night! ♪ ♪ >> media buzz is up next. >>> mean extreme media rising up, ticked off. expressing outrage, this time about obama care. >> who misled them? who misled the president on this? are you telling me five days before that somebody let the president go out to the american public to give this speech and say this and make this promise? >> look, the president is frustrated. he made that clear in his remarks today. >> given all the problems that we've seen with people trying to enroll in this program, is the white house going to be delaying the mandate? >> no. does the white house owe the country an apology for this particular country? >> was this journalistic scrutiny too
. >> this week the administration will try its on reboot. sebelius will testify wednesday and also wednesday, president obama takes obama care on the road to massachusetts, a state that's been running insurance exchanges for half a decade. mass is sets the precedent that many in enrollment will spike the closer we get to the
it for weeks. now, finally in washington, it's conventional wisdom. new hampshire senator jean shaheen, on "face the nation." >> the rollout has been a disaster. >> the obama administration has said it will need until the end november to make it work. that's close to two months. >> we have heard many say they want to enroll in health insurance but they can't because of problems with the website. >> reporter: for many, their introduction to the affordable healthcare act has been shocking. they have had new sticker pries for the -- prices for the plan. >> you like your insurance plan, you will keep it. no one will be able to take that away from you. >> reporter: but people across the country are finding out, they're losing their existing insurance plans over obama care. that's because requirements in the law, like prenatal and prescription drug coverage, means their old plans aren't comprehensive enough. in california, kaiser permanente terminated policies for 160,000 people. in florida, at least 300,000 people are losing coverage. >> when i get this bill, i was outraged. >> reporter: th
provided by edward snowden began last week when "the guardian" reported nsa monitored personal communications of 35 world leaders. among them german chancellor angela merkel who fond president obama to complain. >> the president spoke with angela merkel assured her the united states was not and will not monitor her. >> is not and will not but what about has been. recent reports in the german press indicate u.s. had been monitoring merkel's cell phone since 2002, a full three years before she became germany's leader, but did president obama know. not according to white house officials who told "the wall street journal" the president was unaware of targeting of foreign leaders until this summer's leaks by edward snowden. the white house response followed a report in germany's newspaper asserting president obama was personally briefed on the merkel situation three years ago by snow director keith alexander and signed off on it. so did the president know or did he, like most everyone else, learn about the allegations by picking up a paper? during last month's g-20 in st. petersburg
to privacy on the internet. a draft of the agreement could be circulated this week. joining me to talk about this is al jazeera america's national security contributor, and the publisher of harper's magazine. >> rick, let me ask you first - how damaging is this to president obama. >> all i can tell you is the french senators i met with in mark were unhappy about the spying on what they believe to be a loyal ally - recently loyal ally. whether or not everybody does it is a plausible argument. not everybody thinks it's okay. and as i said, the senator i talked with respect not only unhappy about the extent, the massive breadth of the spy program, but because they've been let down by syria - a separate issue. the notion that the united states and the obama administration are not reliable allies, not friends. >> is there anger within the french government, as we heard madeleine albright said, "they spied on me. >> there's siniccism and embarrassment in the french government which does not have credibility with the electorate in france. the socialist government is way down in the polls. the notio
a good pointment back here at home, this week, secretary intelliious will be testifying about the fiasco and rollout of obama care. we now have administration word that they don't think it will be fully fixed until the end of november and another crash last night. what kind of week is this going to be for them? >> you know, it is look this is just astonishing a failure. you know, the president understood in his second term he was unlikely to get much done legislatively with the republican congress and the key to higgs legacy was making this work, probably the most consequential expansion of their safety net since medicare and medicaid. by all indication, he was monitoring this process and yet we have had just this spectacular failure. whether how much this ultimately affects the long term viability of the program the experience in massachusetts, which is the model is signup was very much back loaded towards the end toward the deadline. so if they get this together, eventually, they can put it back on track. you know, the real risk here is when the website doesn't work, the people who wil
developments. the end of november is the timeline the administration is now targeting to have the obama care website running smoothly. the latest report is that 700,000 applications have been filed but nobody will say how many have actually enrolled. secretary kathleen sebelius is to testify this week before congress as some republicans continue to call for her ouster. and even democrats now are urging change, ten senators calling for open enrollment to be extended beyond the current end date of march 2014. we wanted to help you understand some of the impact of the president's health care plan around the country. we're going to talk to the ceo of florida's largest health insurer cancelling 300,000 of its policies just this week. we're going to talk to him in just a moment. but first i want to turn to democratic senator steve beshear, republican governor john kasich in neighboring ohio. i wanted to take this out of washington because in kentucky you set up your own health care exchange. in ohio, governor kasich, you declined to do so until the fedego
government group in this country. their conclusion released last week, iran could produce enough weapons grade highly enriched uranium in as little as a month. that's vastly shorter than what the obama administration has repeatedly said it would take iran a year to have enough uranium for a bomb. we've been hearing those estimates for years now. david allbright, former weapons inspector, concludes iran would have to eliminate more than half of the 19,000 centrifuges to extend the time it would take it to build a bomb to six months. jon: why are we hearing so much about the capacity now? why is that the focus? >> essentially because iran began high level talks with the u.n. watchdog, the iaea in vienna today. u.s. began negotiations with iran with the nuclear program october 15. their next meeting is going to be next month in geneva. the next meeting with the u.s., the white house has been trying to convince congress in the process not to add to u.s. sanctions against iran while they negotiate. the sanctions have hit iran's oil industry particularly hard, cutting revenues in half. anti-am
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